Custom Services

Custom Services

At each of our store work with the design professional to realize your dreams for your home. From the formal spaces like the living room, the dining room to the informal spaces like the family room, kitchen, den we can work with you to make the spaces reflect your personality and character. We will work with what you have and suggest ideas, help you select furniture, fabrics and accessories to complete your design - manufacture your furniture, fabricate window treatments, select accessories that complement your space. Sometimes these can all be new pieces.

We offer a wide variety of custom services at each of our stores. Please talk to a design professional at the store. If you have anything else that does not capture your need please let us know.

Custom Windows and Drapes

Custom Upholstery and Re-upholstery

Custom Upholstery

There are so many choices in furniture out there and it is easy to get confused. You might ask ... What would be good for me? We are there to begin to ask you a few questions and answer questions. While we talk we will learn about your needs and show you a selection of furniture choices that might work for you.

We can choose a stock furniture piece, be it a dining room chair or a sofa and customize it to your preferences - it can be the choice of the seating, the number of seats, the style of the back, the arms, the amount of padding, the shape of the legs, whether the piece is skirted or not. Do not forget about the finish of the exposed wood. And above all the choice of the fabric - something that has to work with everything else in the room.

Custom Re-Upholstery

Older vintage pieces are near and dear to you and be brought back to life using current fabrics. We will work with you to choose the fabric that complements the design While working with elements (window treatments, rugs ) in your room.

Custom Bedding

Using your concept we can design the custom headboard and bedframes. Each piece will reflect your personal style, while being sturdy/functional. Ask us about the shapes and finish options while you are talking about the fabric selection. You deserve a good nights sleep in a space that you like to spend a lot of time in your bed.

Talk to the store professional about various top of the bed treatments, duvet covers, throws, coverlets, decorative pillows and much more. This is your domain! Make it yours - Your style your way!