Custom Drapery

Drapery is the perhaps one of the most important element in a room. They set the tone and style of a room - be it a timeless elegance or glamor or good old home feeling or a modern touch. They provide a backdrop for your designing pallette.

The choice of fabric material, texture, feel, weight and color all play an important factor in the look and feel of the finished treatment. Think about the feeling and mood you want to evoke from your window treatment.

There are a lot of valance styles - choose from a large selection of styles. The most commonest and popular style is the pinched pleat panel that gives the drapes the right amount of fullness - making the drapes looking gorgeous. You can add a lot of finishing touches with trims and contrast fabrics to tie various colors in your space that tie the design and bring everything together.

You can choose to use the drapery as stationery - meaning that the drapes purpose is to frame a window softening the hard wooden edges and additonally they add a pop or color where you can pull colors from various parts of your space. Drapes can be functional - meaning they can be drawn open and then closed. Attention must be paid to how much stackup (the width of fabric when the treatment is drawn) covers the window itself. Our trained designers can help you choose the right size.

Choose from a variety of material ( cottons, polyester, linen or silk) in different styles. Choose a design from many of the timeless designs that have worked over the ages or a special custom one that will work for your window. Stop by our store or call us to find out how we can make the window treatments that will work for your window.