Designing a custom Bed/Headboard.

Designing a custom bed can be a fun and exciting project that allows you to create a unique piece that fits your personal style and needs. Here are some key factors to consider when designing a custom bed:

1. Choose the fabric

The fabric you choose can play a big role in the overall look and feel of your custom bed. Choose a fabric that is soft to skin as you will rest against this surface with bare skin. Some popular fabric options include:

Fabrics to consider:


  • A breathable and lightweight fabric that can give your bed a natural and relaxed look.

  • Velvet

  • A luxurious and plush fabric that can add a touch of elegance to your design.

  • Leather/Vinyl

  • A durable and classic material leather that can give your bed a timeless look. Choose Vinyl to get protection from body oils and moisture. Vinyl is easy to clean with just soap and water.

  • Cotton

  • A soft and versatile fabric that can work well with a variety of designs.

When choosing your fabric, consider the color and pattern as well as the texture. Some popular colors for custom beds include neutral tones such as white, beige, and gray, as well as bolder options such as blue, green, or red. Patterned fabrics can also add a unique touch to your design, whether you opt for a subtle pattern like stripes or a bold print like floral. Be sure to choose fabric based on your personal living style – some fabrics such as linen, silks or cottons will leave a watermark if you are used to resting with a damp towel after a luxurious bath.

2. Complete bed or headboard

Deciding whether to design a complete bed or just a headboard can depend on your needs and preferences. A complete bed can offer a more cohesive look and can be a good option if you're starting from scratch. A headboard, on the other hand, can be a great way to update your existing bed frame and can be more budget-friendly.

You could go minimal with a headboard that is attached to the wall.

3. Style of the headboard

The style of your headboard can have a big impact on the overall look of your bed. Some popular headboard styles include:

Headboard styles


  • A headboard with side panels that create a "wing" effect. This style can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your design.

  • Panel

  • A headboard with rectangular or square panels that can give your bed a more structured look. Each of these can have various modifications and cutouts and shapes.

  • Slat

  • A headboard with horizontal slats that can create a more modern or industrial feel.

  • Tufted

  • A headboard with button or stitch detailing that can add a luxurious and elegant touch to your design.

4. Select the size

When selecting the size of your bed, consider the size of your room as well as your own personal preferences. Standard sizes include:

Sizes of headboards


  • The bed is 38" x 75" .

  • Full

  • 53" x 75"

  • Queen

  • 60" x 80"

  • King

  • 76" x 80"

  • California King

  • 72" x 84"

  • Custom Size

  • If you have specific size requirements or need a custom size, a complete custom bed may be the best option. Bring in your specifications and we will craft one for you.

5. Choose the height and thickness

The height and thickness of your headboard can affect the overall look of your bed. A taller headboard can create a more dramatic look and can work well in rooms with high ceilings. A thinner headboard, on the other hand, can give a more minimalistic and streamlined feel. Consider the proportions of your room and your personal style when selecting the height and thickness of your headboard.

6. Choose decorative elements

Decorative elements such as borders and welting can add a custom touch to your design. Borders are usually a strip of fabric that goes around the edge of the headboard or bed, while welting is a cord or piping that can be added to seams or edges. You can choose to have nail heads instead. These details can be added in a contrasting color or material to make them stand out, or can be subtle for a more understated look.

7. Plain or tufted

Deciding whether to go with a plain or tufted headboard can depend on your personal style and the overall look you're going for. A plain headboard can be more minimalistic and streamlined, while a tufted headboard can add a luxurious and elegant touch to your design.

8. Finishes

Finishes such as nailhead trim or button detailing can add a finishing touch to your custom bed design. Nailhead trim is a row of small nailheads that are hammered into the fabric, creating a decorative border or accent. Button detailing, also known as tufting, involves stitching buttons into the fabric to create a pattern or texture. These details can be added in a contrasting color or material to make them stand out or can be subtle for a more understated look.

In terms of finishes for the bed frame, there are many options to consider as well. Popular finishes include wood, metal, and upholstered. Wood finishes can range from natural and rustic to sleek and modern, and can be stained or painted in a variety of colors. Metal frames can be minimalistic and sleek, or ornate and decorative. Upholstered frames can match the headboard or can contrast for a bold and unique look.

Trained store associates can be a great resource when designing a custom bed or headboard. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your needs and preferences, such as which fabrics or finishes will work best with your existing decor. They can also help you navigate the design process, suggesting different options for headboard styles, decorative elements, and finishes. Additionally, store associates can provide guidance on sizing, ensuring that your custom bed fits your room and your needs perfectly.

When working with a store associate to design your custom bed, be sure to come prepared with any inspiration photos or swatches of fabric or finishes you are considering. This can help the associate understand your vision and provide more targeted recommendations. Additionally, be open to suggestions and ideas, as trained store associates may have insights and expertise that can help bring your custom bed design to life.