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Choosing a piece of furniture is not an easy task.

The interior design process is personal and should be a reflection of your personality. We help you through the various phases of your life (apartment living, ‘burb, growing family, empty nesters, grand children, back to apartment living) – creating warm functional spaces that draws a perfect balance between your existing furniture, furnishing, art and the new design elements.

Your dreams, our insights

You have seen a lot (magazines, pictures, movies, other homes), imagined what your home might look like.  We have helped a lot of customers, are current with design options. Our designers then combine these to create a design and specific details that work for you, for your situation.

There are so many factors involved: form, function, design, color and most importantly the price. We are conscious to each of them and will work with you arrive at a piece that works for you. Sometimes it is a new piece or it could be a re-upholstered piece of furniture that you already have. More often you know exactly what you are looking for, but there are times when you might need help and hand holding, or maybe someone who can give you a nudge to move you out of your comfort zone ( or bring you to the present).

Furniture Options

On the floor

Our designers and buyers choose a large selection of furniture that could be the center piece in your home or might complement and finish out a design. Be it a finely crafted sofa or a bone inlay  coffee table – be assured that  you are choosing from an already curated set of options.


You have heard it many times before…. “They don’t make it like they used to ....”  That is very true, especially when talking about old furniture.  Though weather beaten and thread bare, they are so strong (with their mortise and tenons, hardwoods etc) and their design timeless - all it takes sometimes is to re-upholster that family heirloom, re-imagine its use and design and you will have a great piece that can continue to be a part of your space.

They don’t make it like they used to

They don’t make it like they used to!

Bring pictures of your furniture piece to our store, you can bring smaller pieces in. Talk to our store associates and designers and they will give you a range of options to re-upholster your piece. Select the fabric and leave the rest to us. We can pickup and deliver, when completed, larger pieces of furniture at a nominal cost.

Custom Upholstery

Choose from a wide selection of styles and selections from our carefully vetted vendors. Some of these offer ready to ship/fast ship programs. All of them offer full custom COM (Customer Own Material - fabric that you purchase from us) services. Some of these vendors offer full custom sizing and shapes. You can, really, achieve the design that you are looking for.

Case Goods

We have a large selection of end tables, coffee tables, occasional pieces that complete your design. Browse our selection or choose from a large selection of books/catalogs.


There are many considerations when selecting a vendor – form, function and cost are the top factors. Here is a list of our vendors and their strengths.

Local Vendors

All of our re-upholstery is done by vendors who are local to the stores. Each of these vendors is carefully selected to complete the furniture piece they are best at.

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas is renowned for its full custom line of furniture, featuring American hardwood, 8 way hand tied sofas and chairs, custom finishing, made in the USA all hallmarks of fine custom furniture. Choose from various styles in their style book or customize a piece with various options, and fabrics. You can use your own fabric that you purchase from us. Custom options are pricier than standard selections.


Passionate about their craft, Ambella’s Craftsmen, each piece of upholstery is meticulously crafted by hand, made to order and is truly one of a kind. Inspired by timeless forms, shapes and proportions, Ambella’s upholstery styles are updated to reflect a variety of lifestyles, from causal transitional to updated traditional.

From classic silhouettes like the Bristol Chair or Cinched Hassock, to the unique styling of the Sexy Sectional or Gossamer Wing Chair, Ambella’s Upholstery collection reflects one of the best quality, craftsmanship and comfort.


With over 150 different frame styles and hundereds of fabrics in stock to choose from, the combinations are endless. Capris offers one of the largest assortments of unique styles to choose from. Sofas, Sleepers, Sectionals, Wood Base Upholstery, Chairs, Accent Chairs, Swivel Gliders , Recliners, Occasional Tables, Dining Pieces, Bedroom Sets, Entertainment & Theater Pieces, Rattan and Wicker Frames


Hallman Furniture can do more than just alter a style number for you. We can custom build your design from the frame up. We invite you to think out of the box - if you can imagine it we can build it! Whether you are looking for an antique replica with authentic hand carving or a contemporary sectional custom built to contour a radius wall, our craftsman can take care of your every need.

Custom furniture, pricier than most.

Wesley Hall

PEOPLE ARE IMPORTANT - Being family-owned & family-operated, we value relationships, tell the truth and keep our promises. Whether with our employees, suppliers, or clients, we strive to treat others the way we like to be treated.

100% BENCH-MADE IN THE USA - Our products are constructed with premium cushioning, hard-wood frames & traditional, 8-way hand-tie spring systems.

INVESTING IN A BRIGHT FUTURE - Ignore what you hear about manufacturing in the United States. We are thriving and investing heavily in another generation of family ownership & NC craftsmanship.

CRAFTSMANSHIP - We pay our associates an hourly wage (vs. piece work) to ensure that no one is incented to cut corners. We maintain a long-standing workforce that delights in doing an impeccable job - together.

FABRIC SELECTION - Luxury textiles & leathers are in our blood . . . Wesley Hall brings you the most stunning, colorful, durable and saleable offering in our industry. Furthermore, we invest in ample inventories, ensuring seamless supply. Like our comfort, our pattern matching and tailoring finesse speak for themselves! We hand-cut and apply all fabrics & trims, ensuring pristine detailing.

FINISHING CHOICE - Hand-applied in house, we offer more than 40 wood finishes - traditional stains, lacquer, & metallic options suited to any and every taste.

STYLE SELECTION - We offer an extensive and broad range of styles to delight anyone. Our catalog is user-friendly and brimming with 300+ pages of premium upholstery, bar & dining, and occasional products.

COMFORT - The "Wesley Hall Sit" speaks for itself . . . that said, each and every piece is hand-tied & consequently, hand-engineered to ensure a decadent & long-lasting comfort experience!

QUALITY - All of our materials, processes, and practices are continually reviewed to ensure you receive a beautifully & responsibly made piece. We measure ourselves to the highest of standards.

SPECIAL REQUESTS - "Yes" is our favorite word . . . and in our corporate DNA. So, bring on your special requests - custom details, custom lengths, special delivery, you name it. When we can, we do.

CONSISTENCY - Woefully underrated in today's business climate, we succeed in providing consistency in all aspects of our business: Quality, fashion & service.

Beach Craft

Beachcraft, a division of Capris Furniture Industries, Specializes in woven outdoor furniture.

Beachcraft outdoor furniture is constructed using reticulated foam, which speeds the drying process as well as high-grade fabrics known for their cleanability and durability. Our woven design creates durable yet lightweight furniture that will stand up to the sun, wind, and rain for years to come.

Beachcraft prides itself on providing outdoor furniture with indoor comfort. Our furniture will allow you to relax away those quiet lazy moments or entertain in grand style.