How Much Fabric Do I Need


The amount of fabric you need depends on what you want to do, the size of the piece and the fabric itself. Normal fabric widths are 54". Some fabrics are less wider (48") and therefore you might need more length to complete your job. There are other fabrics that are 108" wide (sheers for windows) and you might get away by lesser length.


You will need more fabric if the fabric you selected has patterns. More fabric is needed if the design repeat is larger. This is because patterns need to continue across the piece (called matching a design repeat) and to center the prominent design elements on the center of the piece that is being covered. 

Please check with our trained store salespeople who will be able to help you with how much fabric you might need. Some times you might need lining and other material that might be needed to complete your project. The other material might include cords, trims, other fabric. There are many other factors

Here is a list .... click on the ones that have a link to get a sheet ( in progress )...

Sofas, Chairs Chaises and Ottomans

Each type needs a different length. More if you have patterns. Use the above link to find out how much you might need.  Remember that this is just a guide. You might need more if you have patterns (for pattern matching at seams and different pieces in the same furniture), if the repeat is large.

Bedding (coming soon)

The amount of fabric that is needed for a bed ofcourse depends on the size of the bed.

Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King, Custom ...

Depends weather you have posts.

What it is that you want for the bed.

Thickness of your mattress. Thickness of your boxspring or foundation.

Stop by and ask our design professionals to help you estimate the amount of fabric that you might.

Windows (coming soon)

​How much fabric you need depends on the size of the window.  How much above and below the window you want the fabric to cover. A large factor in determining the amount of fabric is fullness factor - something that gives body (by giving extra pleating) to the window covering and enhances the look. Fullness also gives extra insulation by trapping air.

Pillows (coming soon)

Depends on the size of the pillows, repeats, patterns etc

Tabletops (coming soon)

Depends on the  size and shape of the Table. Also on where you want the seams (because most fabric is not as wide as the table). Creative design also can effect the amount of fabric needed.