Personal Style

What is personal style?

Everyone - lives in a world of constantly changing style choices - some appealing to you and others not. Some say "I want my home to look like that" others say "Wow!" and still others want you to explore, possibly learn and maybe grow into. And some styles you want to stay away from. Personal style is something that is You - constantly evolving, aware of your choices and surroundings. Many people like to cast you into a "box". Are you a Traditionalist or a Minimalistic or perhaps a Bohemian or maybe Transitional or .... The list is endless. And, then based on the box that you found your type cast to, someone would venture to suggest the things that you might possibly like. That could be true, but then personal style is not about everyone else, it is about YOU!

Finding your personal style is asking (and finding) yourself what you like and where you would like. Clues are the environment around you or might be where you want to be. Perhaps things are cluttered now and you did not have the time. Or maybe you are now tired and bored of things you already have and want a change. You should, start with what you like and and gives you a feeling of comfort.

How do you want your home to feel? Traditional, Contemporary, Tailored, Minimalistic, Fun, Romantic, Comfortable, Perky, Preppy, Classic or a blend of one or more. Do you prefer function over fashion or are you a fashionista?

Find out what your style is Document it! Write down what you like.

What will help.

  • Write down small notes
  • Make clippings - photographs from magazines
  • Photographs
  • Swatches of fabrics
  • Paint chips/cards
  • pointers to web sites. Look at magazines and books.
  • Note what you you see in other homes.
  • Go to open houses and tours in your city
  • Visit historic homes.
  • Collect whatever you think will add to your design
What you can do

Start by doing things small and big, experimentation will always help you decide what might work. Change the colors on walls and floors, change some of the accessories. Add prints to a wall. Add trims. Change a window shade. Change a room at a time. All these changes will give you experience on what works, and what you like.

Factors that affect Personal Style

Color Many people ask "What is your favorite color?" Is it purple? Pink? White? Chartreuse? .... It is a gross over simplification for a factor that often times sets the mood. A better question might be "What is your favorite color for a sunny summer dress?" . You get the idea! Seasons, settings, use and personal choices affect the choice of colors of an outfit, interior spaces and accessories. Color sets the mood and feeling. There are so many options for bright and lively to calm and serene. Colors are subjective and can evoke different responses from different people.

Texture The texture of what you are about to choose, be it a carpet/rug. The finish of the wall paint, the choice of weight of a fabric alters the look. Going from a very tailored look to a lived in look also changes the way things 'sit'.

Age The age of the space or the features of the space might influence what you choose in the room.

Environmental Factors Is the space very bright, very moist, very dry. Are you in the Northeast or in the desert Southwest - the weather will have some impact on your choice and might affect your style.

Existing conditions Your room might already have accessories, walls painted, flooring, carpets and rugs that set the tone of the room. These will help determine your selection. You might want to choose colors that flow with what you already have.

Size of Room The size of the room and the scale of the dimension of your selection will play off each other. Large scale designs will work in larger rooms. But that is not a given. The 'Airy'ness of a room will allow you different choices. A small room sets other parameters.

Amount of Sun A sunny room could be left as such or toned down to suit your choice. The choice of color and fabric will dramatically change the result. A darker or cooler color will tone down the room. Choosing a sheer for windows will preserve an airy feeling. The choices are limitless.

Personal Lifestyle Choices Do you like a clean tailored look prim and proper or do you like a lived in look. Do you care if things are extremely clean - what about stains or dust or dirt. Some fabrics hide dust and stains better than others. Some treatments show every single speck of dust.