Custom Window Treatments

Window Covering

A window treatment is an essential part of of the decorating process and influences a space as does any other decorating element. As a home furnishing it serves many purposes while accentuating and adorning a window.

While simply a window treatment covers a window it serves many purposes that can all work together for you. It sets the tone of a room, can be the main design element in the room: be it simple using plain or textured fabrics or a focal point with dramatic design elements like large prints, geometric patterns or embroideries. As a design element it softens the sharp edges of windows and trims and serves to frame an external view while tying in all other elements of the room (furniture, walls, rugs ) with their color and design elements.

Perhaps the single most important feature of a window treatment is its ability to control light, creating privacy when needed, controlling the amount of light (diffusing or reducing the bright sun) and creating a welcome space.

During the winter it provides insulation and blocks the sun and heat in the winter. A welcome side effect of window treatments is that they protect other furnishing elements like furniture, rugs and flooring from harmful effects of the sun such as fading and deterioration of expensive fabric and other items in your room.

The use of multiple window treatments (layering) together allows one to achieve all the purposes in one integrated treatment. An underlying sheer might soften a window, allowing diffused lighting to coming while keeping away nosy people from the street. A curtain can work as to soften the edges, yet creates interest in the choice of color or texture and finally a cornice or a valance can tie everything together.

Choose from a wide variety of options that range from full custom where everything is selected and made to expressly work for each case in your room or go with ready made panels from our large selection to instantly finish your windows. Most people feel comfortable making custom window treatments for the wow factor in formal spaces, the family room and the master bed room while using readymade treatments for other bedrooms (which would otherwise left bare or with cheap blinds).

Bring in pictures of your room with various things in your room from different angles so that our trained design consultants can work to create a treatment that works for you.